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In exchange for your service, you are able to attend our programs at no charge, and on occasion when appropriate, you will be invited to join our speaker for dinner after the program. You also receive priority appointments for speakers who stay on to offer their services to the members at large (like Betty Riley).

Some of our volunteer positions do not require extensive training, nor do they require the volunteer to take the job home with them. Others, however, require an additional commitment outside of the program time, i.e., books, hospitality, surveys, photography, treasurer. Having both enables you to volunteer for as little or as much as you have time to do. Any and all help is always appreciated!

I am listing all of the possible volunteer positions available. If you are interested in any job in particular, let me know and we will go from there.



At our programs at Unity, we have two individuals handling registration on the day of the program. This involves checking in all attendees, signing in those who are not preregistered, collecting admission fees through checks, cash and credit cards, and occasionally (at smaller venues) giving out handouts and name tags. It also requires the filling out an income/expense report at the end of the program (or during the half-time break), indicating total income from checks, cash and credit cards.

Set-Up/Tear Down

Helping to bring in boxes from the cars into the venue and then returning them. Getting and setting up tables where needed. Setting up the podium/music stand for the speaker and any small tables to hold their literature. Putting a bottle or glass of water on the table for the speaker. Opening curtains, handling lighting and ceiling fans. Checking rows after the program to make sure no refuse has been left behind. Going into the restrooms to make sure the lights are off. Emptying garbage. Vacuuming floors (at Pavilion). Making sure everything is returned to where we found it.

Literature Table

This involves unpacking boxes of free literature from A.R.E. and from our chapter, positioning it on the free literature table, and then repacking it at the end of the program. If the table we use already has Unity paperwork on it, the person setting up the table must return the items exactly as they found them before we leave.


Stand at the front door and greet attendees, directing them to the appropriate registration table.

Book Sales

Inventorying books before and after the program, setting up and taking down the book table, figuring discounts and tax, selling books accepting cash, credit cards or checks, writing receipts, reconciling cash box and writing a report breaking down income and tax collected.


We offer hospitality (coffee, tea, snacks) at programs of 4 hours or longer. If we are in the Pavilion, we set up in the kitchen; if at Unity, downstairs on the Terrace Level. This position requires setting up and taking down the refreshment table; making hot water for tea and making coffee; keeping an inventory of supplies (cups, napkins, sugar, tea, coffee, etc.) and replenishing when low. The person who oversees hospitality would be given a check to use to shop for a variety of healthy foods for the program.


Taking candid photos at each program for use on our website, on Facebook, and in our newsletter. This requires the volunteer to use their own equipment and e-mail images to me, making sure those images are of appropriate quality for reproduction.


E-mail or take our flyers to places where they can be posted. Fill out online media calendars, send out press releases when applicable, and other advertising/PR/marketing efforts.


This is an area-team position and requires taking minutes at our quarterly meetings and providing those to the coordinator to send to the Outreach Coordinator.

Sound Booth

This position handles the audio/video requirements of our speakers, running PowerPoints, movies, microphones, etc. It requires that the volunteer be trained at Unity and attend Unity Church so that he/she can be counted on occasionally to man the booth at Unity services.


Updating evaluations for each program; making appropriate number of copies and dropping off at the registration table for each program; retrieving the completed evaluations, compiling the results and sending a report to area team and speaker. Evaluations must be compiled by an objective third party. Speakers are never allowed to do it themselves.

Website/Facebook/Database Updates

Tech-savvy volunteers who keep our website, Facebook, Mail Chimp, and database updated.


Handling the mailing of newsletter/postcards and other information to members who do not have an e-mail account.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and here in Charlottesville, we have some of the best volunteers anywhere. Over the years, we have formed a very congenial group and many meaningful friendships have been formed. I am always looking for enthusiastic, dedicated people to become part of our team. There are, however, a few prerequisites.​

First, all volunteers must be members of the A.R.E. and commit to attending the majority of our programs. I cannot accept volunteers on a one-time basis, i.e. individuals unknown to me who step forward in order to attend that program for free. This is because volunteers must be trained in what is expected of us at Unity of Charlottesville and other venues. This includes the restrictions each venue imposes, lighting, A/V, temperature regulation, room and stage set-up, and cleanup. New volunteers are expected to shadow our experienced volunteers at first, so it is important to have individuals who can make a long-term commitment, who believe in the importance of what we’re doing, who want to share Mr. Cayce’s work with others, are a team player and supportive of their fellow volunteea.

Although you are a volunteer, your services may or may not be needed for every program. Depending on the size of the program, the venue, and the number of active volunteers, I may at times rotate positions so everyone has an opportunity to serve. The only exceptions to this are those who have a permanent job, such as books, registration, hospitality, treasurer, etc. There will be months we will have more volunteers than I can use; other months when we will be short-handed, so flexibility is important.

Please note: any expenses incurred by volunteers will be reimbursed with a receipt.

​Thank you for your continued support!

Joanne DiMaggio, Coordinator